Venus Maxi Dress


Wear art in this unique iamwomen print. Exclusively designed in collaboration with Cass Deller. 

We collaborated with Cass Deller to design this exclusive print. Our inspiration stemmed from the ethereal essence of femininity and the profound connection within sisterhood. This special collaboration with Cass beautifully encapsulates the grace of the female figure through delicate watercolour strokes, and is characterised by Cass's distinctive coastal flair. Every clothing piece in this collection, named after goddesses, honours the core of womanhood while capturing the enduring allure of coastal beauty and timeless femininity.


This Maxi is named after Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty. Venus epitomises femininity through allure and grace. Her mythological essence symbolises feminine charm, and embodyies elegance and passion. Representing beauty, desire, and emotional depth, Venus stands as an enduring symbol of feminine power.