The Owl Outside My Door — Chapter 2



A Bedtime Story...

The kindest little owl in all the world has flown onto the pages of "Pink Moon Dreaming" where baby brother is ever so gently comforted back to sleep ... and hopefully your little ones too!

"My baby, baby brother is as sweet as sweet can be but sometimes he wakes up at night and cries and cries for me... Nothing that I do or say will help him back to sleep... but the Owl outside my door, he knows just what to do... he sings us bedtime stories... of waters deep and blue ... Where mermaid tails have magic scales and swimming seems the thing to do ..."

Written by Vicki Wood
Illustrated by Judith Mary Davidson, whose sweet delicate characters cannot help but make you and your little ones fall in love with them, making "Pink Moon Dreaming” the perfect bedtime story.