Sumor Short


Sûmor - Devoted to Summer. 

Introducing ‘Sûmor’, our love letter to summer. This collection is dedicated to warm nights with endless possibilities. To crunchy watermelons, cold drinks and lazy afternoons. To the smell of sunscreen. To long days. To adventures. To backyard gatherings and picnics in the park. To quiet early morning swims and the feeling of sand between our toes. In the season of abundance, time stands still. This is the time that memories are made, and we plan to savour every moment.

Wear art in this unique Sûmor print. Exclusively designed in collaboration with Cass Deller. 

We teamed up with Cass Deller again to craft this unique print, drawing inspiration from the vibrant energy of summer. Cass's design showcases her signature coastal style through playful watercolour strokes and fine-line detail.

Due to the nature of this printed fabric, each pair of shorts is one of one, unique to their owner. The placement of the print may vary.