Protect Spray Value Pack - 1.25L


Refill your Protect Spray bottle with our value pack refill. This liquid pouch contains 5x the amount of our standard product, to help you keep the leaves of 40-100 plants healthy and protected, year-round! Simply shake, refill and spray!

How to Use:

You can use Protect every 2 weeks, or more often if required.
Shake the liquid pouch well, unscrew the lid of your 250ml bottle, and fill carefully.
Mist the top and underside of the leaves at a time that allows you to avoid very bright or direct sunlight. Make sure your plants are not dehydrated when spraying.
You can continue using Protect throughout every season.


 - Plants One Tree

- Scientifically Tested

- Safe for all Plants

- Australian Made

- Odour Free