Plantable Cards


Designed & printed in the warehouse in St Peters, made with handmade recycled paper impregnated with seeds.

These gorgeous cards are the gift that keeps on giving. Simply plant the card under a thin layer of soil, water daily and await the herbs or daisies arrival in 7-14 days!

Archlight Seed: Parsley
Banksia Arch Seed: Basil
Banksia Bunch Seed: Parsley
Bottle Brush Seed: Lemon-scented Bottlebrush 
Cactus Arch Seed: Thyme
Cactus Seed: Forget me not
Galahs Seed: Bottlebrush
Kesha Seed: Parsley 
Leafy Sprint Seed: Chamomile
Lefse Seed: Parsley
Lelani Seed: German Chamomile 
Leo the Lion seed: Basil
Moonlit Sailing Seed: Chamomile 
Mountain Lake Seed: Forget-Me-Nots
Native Wreath Seed: Parsley
Night Archway Seed: Swan River Daisy
Olive Eclipse Seed: Basil
Palms Seed: Basil 
Rivers: Thyme
Silver Dollar Seed: Forget-Me-Nots
Sunrise Seed: Oregano