Monstera Plant



Mini Monsteras can live in low to bright, dappled indirect light. Prolonged exposure to bright direct sunlight may burn and scorch their leaves. Growth will be slower in low light environments.


Your Mini Monstera enjoys weekly waterings and frequent misting. Allow the soil to dry out between waterings, especially during the winter - when you might only need to water your plant fortnightly.


Mini Monsteras enjoys a humid environment, which is why we recommend frequent misting of their leaves. Alternatively you can place your plant close to other plants, which increases the humidity of the air around them.


Your Mini Monstera does not have any particular temperature requirements, but will suffer if subjected to temperatures below 10ºC.


Feed with general houseplant fertiliser monthly during the growing season (spring to summer).


Mini Monstera is toxic to both people and animals - keep away from small children and pets.

Additional Care Information

You can easily propagate your Mini Monstera in water from a stem and leaf cutting. Make sure you cut just below a node on the stem.

Ctenanthe setosa 

Tall and slender with silvery green, burgundy backed foliage. Its interesting veined leaf pattern makes it a popular indoor plant though equally at home in a partly shaded spot in the garden.Also suited to growing in pots. 

Position: Part shade or indoors

Grows to Height: 1.2m