Mini Face Oil Sampler Trio


This set pairs three mini (3 x 10 ml) versions of our Bopo Women Face Oils in a beautiful gold foil gift box. Aurora Organic Face Oil: A deeply hydrating & healing organic night oil, starring blue tansy, to relieve dry or inflamed skin. Hormone Hero Face Oil: A completely natural face oil crafted to restore oily skin types without triggering hormonal breakouts and inflammation. Super Soother Face Oil: Super Soother is a completely natural face oil created to rehydrate and restore, tired, dry and dehydrated skin in need of some loving. Its beautiful orange glow is derived from rosehip, an oil rich in essential fatty acids that hydrates skin while promoting skin cell regeneration.

Why Face Oil?
  1. It might seem obvious that dry skin is definitely a candidate for face oil but should you use it if your skin is naturally more oily? In a nutshell, yes.
  2. While, this might seem counterintuitive, over-washing our skin without moisturising effectively can actually strip our skin of it’s natural oils and in turn cause overproduction of oil.
  3. This means both oily and dry skin types need regular and high quality hydration to be as healthy as possible.

Blue Tansy: Turns blue when extracted from chamomile. Heals & eases inflammation.

Camellia: Rich in Vit A, B & E & Omega 3, 6 and 9. Penetrates skin without clogging pores. 

Olive Oil: Packed with antioxidants & hydrating squalene. Deeply hydrating. 

Macadamia: High in Omega 6. A natural protective barrier for the skin. 

Rosehip Rich in antioxidants & fatty acids to protect and regenerate your skin.