Grow Concentrate Value Pack - 750ml


Refill your Grow bottles with this simple-to-use liquid pouch. With 5x the amount of our standard bottle, this is perfect to keep 40-100 plants thriving all year round. Simply remove the dropper from your 150ml bottle, shake the liquid pouch and pour!

How to Use:

In Spring, you can use Grow 3 out of 4 times you water your plants. Shake the liquid pouch, remove the dropper in your 150ml bottle and fill the bottle. Squirt approx 1ml/L of water (you can't burn or overdose your plants). The liquid will become odourless once oxygen and water is added. You can continue using Grow throughout every season.


- Safe for all Plants

- Plants One Tree

- Australian Made

- Scientifically Tested

- Odour Free