Escarpment Pot - Dawn


With its soft tones and familiar feel, the Escarpment Pot adds a sense of calm and grounding to any space. 

Mowgli Studio are passionate about creating wellbeing with plants. So much so that they have curated an epic range of statement pots aimed at complimenting a wide range of vibes and styles. So that you really won’t have any excuses not to bring some greenery indoors to create a lush & healthy environment.

Cement Pots, Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

All pots have drainage holes, however we do recommend keeping your plants in their plastic pots which will allow for easier maintenance, watering, and in turn keep your Mowgli pots in great condition.

Due to the hand painted, unique nature, no two are the same!

Mini: 22cm W x 18cm H

Small: 29cm W x 24cm H

Medium: 38cm W x 28cm H

*Large: 48cm W x 36cm H

PLEASE NOTE: (*) Indicates that this is a bulky or oversized item. You will be charged additional shipping by Gypsy and the Bowerbird after you've submitted your purchase. We endeavour to always find the most affordable option. Alternatively before purchase you can email for a freight quote.