Daydream Bath Soak


A soothing and de-stressing bath soak designed to gently cleanse, soften and moisturise tired skin. Incorporating a calming blend of pure essential oils and mineral rich Epsom salts, this soak was crafted to provide soothing relief from our busy modern world.

A natural fusion of  Vanilla Oleoresin essential and Sweet Orange Oil to open the mind and replenish the skin. Infused with organic dried flowers and epsom salts for the ultimate tension-releasing bathing experience. Dream on, dreamer.

Daydream Soak Blend

Vanilla Oil: This soak is all about the dreamers. Vanilla oleoresin essential oil creates a dreamy aroma while also infusing skin with B vitamins to promote skin health.

Sweet Orange Oil: Provides a slight and sweet zesty aroma that improves mood while relieving inflammation in the skin.

All Ingredients:  Sea Salt, Safflower Oil, Sweet Orange Oil, Vanilla Oil, Tocopherol, Sunflower Oil, Flowers.


Unwind and let go.

Light a candle, put on your favourite music, dim the lights and pour your Daydream bath shot under warm running water to infuse your bath with nourishing minerals and goodness.  Unwind and release all tension and agitation with this beautiful relaxation evoking aroma.