Bloom Sage Wand


Our beautiful bloom sage wands have landed. This magical smudge wand is perfect for your spiritual alter, your sacred space or gift to someone you love.

Locally sourced, natural preserved dried flowers wrapped around a large sage wand and adorned with a clear quartz point.

This stunning dried flower and herb arrangement can be used for decoration purposes or as a typical smudge stick by burning it from the end.

Dimensions: 15-20cm each

Ingredients: white sage, daisies, heath aster, ruscus, hydrangea, clear quartz.

100% Natural. No artificial fragrances. Handmade in Ipswich QLD.

NOTE: Please be aware that we cannot ship this product outside of Australia.


*Remove flowers and crystal

Holding upright, make a flame from the bottom then blow it out. Using the smoke, cleanse yourself and space. Let it burn out, or to extinguish, press it out on heat proof ceramic or plate.