The Cheery Little Dream Weaver


Told from the perspective of a quirky little ‘dream-weaver’ character, The Cheery Little Dream Weaver is a whimsical story focusing on children’s dreams, sleeping peacefully and coping with nightmares.

The Dream Weaver frolics in playful dreams, then is suddenly confronted with a ‘Big, Bad Bear’ nightmare. Swiftly springing into action, the Dream Weaver combines a puff of mystic dream dust with a catchy rhyme to ensure that sleep continues undisturbed.

Choose a copy with the biodegradable Mystic Dream Dust (attached to the cover) for that extra special gift!

- Hard cover
- 8.500" x 8.500" (216mm x 216mm)
- 32 colour pages

Author: Lanna Astell Mack

Published: 2022