Mavu Chapati Board


Sourced from India, these Mavu large round wooden boards, traditional Indian Chaklotas, are each a unique testament to artisanal craftsmanship. Handmade they bear the marks of their origin, with natural flaws and imperfections adding to their individual character. Once indispensable in Indian households for kneading and stretching dough to make chapati, these boards carry a rich cultural heritage. Please note that each piece varies slightly in size and appearance due to its handmade nature, with measurements ranging approximately between 21-26 cm in diameter. As such, the item received may differ slightly from the images on the website & few may have small handles not depicted. However, these variations only serve to enhance the distinctive charm of each Mavu large board.


Small - H5 Diameter 24 cm

Large - H6 Diameter 28 cm

• Sizing: Dimensions provided are based on the average size - as each item is unique, so are the sizes.
• Each item has individual characteristics that may differ to the photograph displayed. Your selection will be chosen at random.
• Please read the Care Instructions and if in doubt, always seek the advice of a professional.