Little Book of Rosé: Summer Perfection


Full of facts, stats, history and quotes about rosé. Includes cocktail recipes.
Anything is possible with sunshine and a glass of rosé.

Pale and delicate or robust and ruby red, rosé has fuelled a revolution in the drinking world. Take a dip into this fact-filled book and discover the fascinating history of the pink drink, along with truly informative details on the winemaking process, types of grapes, growing regions of the world and the best ways to select and serve your rosé. Celebrate the halcyon days of summer all year round with 20 cocktail recipes and a variety of food pairings. Amuse yourself with entertaining quotations and sayings that capture the love of rosé. There is something here for everyone, whether you prefer your Provence dry and sparkling or you're a brosé who loves frosé.

The Mateus Rosé bottle was inspired by the canteens used by soldiers in the First World War. And during the Cold War period, Mateus became one of the most drunk wines by US Army soldiers stationed to European bases.

Provence is one of the world's biggest rosé-wine-producing regions, dedicating 89 per cent of their vines to rosé!

In 2016 a New York Italian bar called Bar Primi made a rosé slushy with rosé wine, vermouth and pureed strawberries, called the frosé, that became a real-life and Instagram hit.

Published: June 2021

By: Orange Hippo!