Large Clay Bags


Keep on creating those air dried or fired masterpieces with more bags of the Crockd good stuff!

This is 100% eco-friendly, locally sourced ceramic and air dry clay refills (yep, it's our own specifically designed hybrid). If you've already got all the tools, the instruction booklet, and know what you're doing - then top up, and let's keep this party going!

👇 Is this air dry or ceramic clay?
It's both! Ahhhmazing right? Our specifically engineered hybrid formula means that Crockd Clay can be left to air dry or taken to your local kiln to become ceramic. So fancy! So fuss-free!

👇 Do I need to cut the clay?
No way, Jose. We do all the tough work into cutting the clay into the right sizes for you unlike all of our “friends” who promise big ol lumps of clay but make it super hard for you to organise and cut the right amounts to know what to work with. Keep it stress-free and let Crockd do the damn thing so you can focus on creating.

👇 How do I store unused clay for later?
This is another great thing about Crockd clay. Say you wanted to use half your block from one bag to make a few pieces and leave the leftover clay for a rainy day. Well we provide you with reusable sealed bags to help you with that! They keep the clay nice and moist for another use. Save yourself and the environment from wrapping in damp cloths or extra plastic wrap and get some Crockd clay bag refills.