Kids Crystal Set


A curated selection of 3 beautiful stones, amethyst, rose quartz and clear Quartz to assist you or your little ones with sleep, relaxation and to promote positive energy.

Amethyst - is a calming crystal that can really help children sleep better and prevent nightmares. Place a crystal under their pillow, by the bed or anywhere in the room they wish to display it. Amethyst will help create a relaxing and calm place for your little one to sleep in.

Rose Quartz - Is a beautiful stone every child should have. It has a gentle loving energy that can assist children to overcome hurt and soothe their emotions. It promotes, love, peace and comfort.

Clear Quartz - is the 'Master Healer'. It acts as an all-purpose healer and can therefore be useful in many situations. Children seem especially drawn to this crystal and can often spot small rainbows within its make up. Clear Quartz promotes, concentration, positive energy and balance. Quartz is said to be a stone of harmony.

Each kit is beautifully hand packed in a drawstring bag.

NOTE- As with all complementary healing, crystals are not intended to take the place of medical advice. Please consult your doctor if you are concerned about your child's health or wellbeing.

Although these select crystals are each approximately over 8-10cm in size please supervise your child's handling time and store them in a safe place.

Each of our crystals are carefully hand selected. They are treated with love and care and are posted to their new homes in the same fashion