Inky Co. Ribbons


Black Paper Synthetic 15m
Gold Paper Synthetic 15m
Hot Pink Paper Synthetic 15m
Red Paper Synthetic 15m
Silver Paper Synthetic 15m
White Paper Synthetic 15m
Black Raphiella Ribbon 20m
Gold Raphiella Ribbon 20m
Red Raphia Synthetic 20m
Copper Curling Ribbon 20m
Gold Metallic Curling Ribbon 20m
Silver Metallic Curling Ribbon 20m
Red Metallic Curling Ribbon
Organza Copper
Organza Navy
Organza Nude 20m
Organza White
Organza Gold 50mm x 10m
Satin Gold 10mm x 20m
Satin Hot Pink 10mm x 20m
Satin Pale Pink 10mm x 20m
Satin White 10mm x 20m
Satin Silver 22mm x 20m
Pom Pom White 10m

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