Asian Tapas

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Food from Eastern corners of the world is often thought of as some of the most exciting and enticing on the planet. Whether umami-rich with Japanese miso or soy sauce, spiked with gently building layers of aromatic Indian spices, or stuffed with fragrant Thai herbs, chilli and garlic, each mouthful packs a big flavour punch. The savoury little morsels that usually serve as a precursor to an Asian meal are no exception flavour-wise, and quite often everyone will argue over the last one on the plate. With Asian Tapas, you can make these tempting bite-size morsels the centre of attention. A great collection of 60 recipes for the Asian food aficionado, they are easy to prepare and impressive to serve. First up is a chapter on popular Parcels and Dumplings, with Chinese Vegetable Clamshell Buns and Korean Beef Bulgogi Puffs. Fritters and Pancakes is up next with Green Chilli Bhajis, Vietnamese Crispy Shrimp Pancakes and Indian lentil Dosa. Next comes a change of pace with Fresh and Light recipes featuring Summer Rolls with Mackerel, Quinoa Temaki and Pork and Gochujang Cabbage Wraps. Crispy and Crunchy follows this with delicious Salt and Pepper Squid, Spring Rolls and Sweet and Sour Popcorn Tofu. Last but not least, is Ribs, Grills ‘n’ Wings with mouth watering BBQ Pork Belly Skewers, Thai Green Curry Chicken Wings and Charred Shrimp with Spicy Dipping Sauce.

Author Ryland Peters & Small

Date Published April 2018

Edition Type Hardback